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COMMUNICATION in COVID-19 Emergency Situation

Since the occurrence of public health incident COVID-19, the intercom has been used as a communication tool at critical moments to communicate among the staff of various departments, material information, and ensure the food, clothing, housing and transportation of personnel in the isolated area. Fully guarantee the emergency linkage and visual dispatching commands of governments at all levels, hospital isolation areas, remote medical teams, and streets, etc., and actively play a role in the national epidemic prevention work to add support to the epidemic emergency linkage!

1. Medical Support Command and Dispatch

Medical experts, doctors, nurses, and drug delivery personnel who are fighting in the isolation area of key hospitals are wearing thick protective clothing and protective gloves in hospitals, ICUs, and intensive care units. Mobile phone contact is extremely inconvenient! The PTToC intercom equipment is easy to operate, and the “one-to all call” function can directly transmit the first-line information to key people in time, which greatly facilitates the communication of first-line medical personnel.

2. Traffic Law Enforcement Command and Dispatch

A large number of people and materials have been assisted in the epidemic area, which has brought unprecedented pressure on communications and command and dispatch. During the anti-epidemic period, traffic control began in the epidemic area and surrounding areas. The workload of the traffic law enforcement department has increased sharply. The original system scheduling tools cannot meet the cross-regional and multi-channel voice scheduling needs. PTToC intercom can be intercom nationwide, flexible grouping, not limited by channels, and can be reported to the scene by pictures and videos. Happening. The PoC intercom operation center supports and guarantees a number of traffic management units such as the high-speed traffic police team and the transportation management office, which solves the urgent need for traffic law enforcement command, and provides guarantee for the efficient deployment of personnel mobility management during the epidemic situation!

3. Command and Dispatch of Comprehensive Management Grid

The pneumonia epidemic prevention and control sniping station is fighting fiercely. Since the end of January, the workload of grid management units such as communities, streets, and police stations nationwide has increased dramatically when surveying population, managing mobile personnel, and reporting abnormal conditions. PTToC intercoms have fully utilized group calls, group calls, multimedia messages, etc. Ability to visualize the scheduling of the first-line grid administrators and fully guarantee the emergency response linkage. Front-line personnel can report the situation on the spot to the command center through pictures and videos, greatly improving work efficiency!

In this "war epidemic" without smoke, PTToC uses its own superior resources to effectively guarantee the first-line emergency linkage, fully supports and serves anti-epidemic work in all walks of life, and wins the epidemic prevention and control together with the people in the whole country.